EXHIBITION-Yannick Fournié at Yndo

EXHIBITION-Yannick Fournié at Yndo
We have the pleasure to announce an exposition of art within our establishment.
Exhibition: “Serenity” from the painter Yannick Fournié
Dates: September the 25th – October the 18th
Many of Mr. Fournier paintings already have a place on the walls of the Yndo Hotel. During that time, his new works will truly take a place in our showcase were luxury and art will be as one.
Mr. Fournier’s painting is made together with portraits, pause image dealing with the identity, the ambiguity of the one who is confronted with all its singularity to the society, to the elated skinned body. Its universe is inhabited by the representation of social icons, political and religious.
In the TV show “Incognito” which refers to the Mexicans luchadores, the artist henceforth attached himself to immerse from its masked protagonist towards an obvious narrative transition. In his paintings, the artist paints a mask in daily acts asking a reflection: Which mask do we put on to function in our society? Does this one allow us to hide who we really are or to put us a bit more into the light?