EVENT - Hermione stopping in Bordeaux

EVENT - Hermione stopping in Bordeaux
Hermione-La Fayette  is a construction which need more than 17 years to complete the greatest French replica of an old ship. A unique reconstruction in Europe, symbol of the Royal Navy of the eighteenth century.
The Association Hermione La Fayette chose Bordeaux as the last port before the reunion in Rochefort its home port or the frigate is expected on August 29.
After its great American travel during more than four months, a trip of more than 7,500 nautical miles or 13,000 kms, started last spring.
The Bordeaux, inhabitants of the Aquitaine region, or tourists on holiday are expected from Thursday, August 20th to come and visit the Hermione in le Port de La Lune. An opportunity for the public to meet the commander, Yann Cariou, his 80 crew members and share their unique experience of navigation and marine life aboard a frigate of the eighteenth century.
Every 30 minutes
Non-exchangeable and non-refundable ticket :
  • Turthday 20th August from 3pm to 6pm, 
  • The 21st untill 25th August from 9:30am to 12am and from 1:30pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday  26th August from 9:3am to 2:30pm